Validaciones de procesos de recepción, almacenaje y expedición

Since the entry into force of the Good Distribution Practices in Spain, certain specific quality control processes have been set up. Qualipharma has become the Spain largest consultant in terms of logistic processes solutions in Spain.

Thanks to the experience of our staff, our versatility, and our knowledge in terms of the relevant regulations, Qualipharma is the business leader in the fulfillment of Good Distribution Practices requirements.

To potentially […] enhance a successful implementation of the logistic system, Qualipharma performs and evaluates plenty of different actions:

  • On site temperature sensor and humidity calibration

  • Warehouse thermal mapping: we have the ability to survey large warehouses. (Cold and hot spots)

  • Warehouse processes risk assessment

  • Transport route risk assessment

  • Transport route authentication

  • Warehouse management software authentication

  • Mapping and calibration of transport lorries

  • Training


The name Qualipharma attests our work for Spanish Agency of Medicinal Products the Spanish and for your clients.

  • Management and internal fulfilment of all aspects of the project by Qualipharma
  • On-site calibration
  • Optimization of the available resources