Qualipharma services covers a wide range of services for the Health Care sector. We adapt and customized our services to sector requests and needs while implementing and accomplishing the quality standards and the GMP regulations.

Some of the services that we carry out for this sector are:

  • Qualification and preventive maintenance of laminar flow cabinets, filtration equipment, etc.
  • Clean room and HVAC qualifications at surgical areas, pharmacy, FIV and REA areas, and at any other area with controlled environmental needs.
  • Qualification of autoclaves, steam and formaldehyde sterilizers, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide sterilizers and washing machines.
  • Temperature mappings in drying oven, incubators, freezers, ultra-low temperature Freezers.
  • Measuring instruments calibration.

We offer our services by signing contracts straight with the hospital or health care center or we can go through clinical engineering or maintenance agencies. We adapt the framework of every project to our customers’ needs and requirements.