mantenimiento cualificacion cabinas aisladores d

Qualipharma can support you with maintenance and qualification services for your safety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, fume hoods and isolators.

Preventive maintenance: we carry out regular revisions and qualifications of your cabinets with a yearly frequency. We study your currently cabinets conditions, evaluate cabinets suitability and function according to the process which is involved in.

Corrective maintenance: we hold a stock of HEPA and Active Carbon filters, from most of the most recognized brands in order to be able to act quickly and effectively in case of any urgency.

Qualipharma will lead you to reach the right monitoring and performance of your equipment.

Our experience backs us up for carrying out equipment qualifications of any manufacturer. We work with a series of planned routes for being able to visit all our clients and carry out the preventive maintenance. We adapt our service to our client needs.

  • Original spare parts
  • Stock of HEPA filters
  • Microbial testing on cabinets and air equipment
  • Comprehensive support on your equipment’s maintenance and qualification