It is very important to monitoring and the control the environmental parameters of HVAC systems to guarantee the product quality. Parameter such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow velocity, air leak, particle counting among others, are crucial in the manufacturing process.

ISO 14644 and GMP regulations define the parameters range to be considered and accomplished in order to reach a manufacturing performance according to the standards.

Qualipharma customized every service in order to meet customer needs.

We are already supporting companies from many sectors, such as: pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical, cosmetic, food industry, electronic, aeronautic, among others; in which we perform all kind of tests in clean rooms and equipment such as laminar flows and air filtration equipment.

The right performance of the HVAC system and the air equipment, ensure the adequate conditions according to the clean room specifications.

  • More than 10 years of experience preforming environmental tests
  • Expert on Bag-in Bag-out filter's change
  • Experts on Air Flow Visualization Testing (at rest and at operational conditions)
  • Qualified team to carry out this activities in critical areas