cualificacion sistemas limpieza cip sip qualipharma dCleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are systems specially designed to carry out the cleaning and sterilization process in an automatic way.

These systems help to improve the processes since they reduce the risk of human errors and therefore minimize the costs.

The qualification of the cleaning and sterilization processes is highly important due to the fact that it guarantees that the company is carrying out both processes in a properly way.

Qualipharma is specialist on CIP/SIP qualification. We fully develop the documentation of the qualifications (IQ, OQ y PQ) as well as the one related to the different test such as temperature, pression, calibration, etc. Thanks to the technology, the design of our equipment and the great team of experts, we can meet the needs of all our clients.

  • Ensure the compliance of the required temperature for sterilization process
  • CIP/SIP reliable qualification
  • Meaningful improvement on the cleaning and sterilization parameters