Qualipharma has team of highly qualified professionals that commit all their energies on giving the best customer experience to our clients.

With many years of experience and lots of expertise, our team of experts master the regulations, our procedures and the know-how needed to be able to guarantee a perfect development and implementation of the projects, a complete and reliable information and therefore to ensure our company success.

Every new project is a challenge and a new opportunity to strength our prestige and reputation. For us it is highly important to invest in our team and therefore we assign important resources on giving them continuous professional preparation to ensure their personal and professional development and consequently our company growth.

Over the last 15 years, Qualipharma has been leading several important projects with outstanding results. Thanks to the good results achieved, our company supports nowadays most of the companies in the sector. They trust us to guide and support them in their projects.

Our success has been lead and guided by our team, and therefore it belongs to every one of us.

Gabriel Tallada


Jorge Frutos


Arancha Álvarez

Sales Manager

Xavier Obradors

Sales Department

Soledad Hernandez

Quality Manager

Gerardo Mambrilla

Production Manager

Raquel Buitrón

Consulting Manager

Carlos Fernández

CSV Manager