New Strategic Alliance: Qualipharma Group and PETS join Forces to strengthen their Presence in the Pharmaceutical Sector in Bangladesh.

For several years, Qualipharma, Consulting Services Leader in the Spanish pharmaceutical sector, has been implementing different actions in the international market as part of its business growth strategy.

Mainly motivated by the structural capacity of our company and the potential of the market outside Spain, we are committed to spreading the excellence of our services to other countries both within and beyond Europe.

We currently operate actively in countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, Chile, Vietnam, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Greece and we are committed to the sustainable growth in other emerging economic countries such as Bangladesh, India, China, Brazil, Russia, CIS, Colombia, Senegal and Turkey, among others.


Why Bangladesh?

In general, the pharmaceutical sector has experienced a significant worldwide expansion in the last 10 years. The increased access to health care for hundreds of millions of people in low and middle-income countries that gain access through government programs, the increased income, the increased adult population and coverage in health systems, among others, are some of the factors that are influencing the intensification of innovation based on research and technological development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recognized organizations such as WHO, are very attentive on the so-called emerging pharmaceutical countries, scoring the pharmaceutical sector with a very favorable level of growth and development planned within the next decade.

The Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) indicates that in Bangladesh there are about 257 production licenses and approximately 150 of them are operational. 97% of the national demand is covered by local production, mostly dedicated to the production of generic medicines and only 20% to patented medicines. More specialized products such as vaccines, oncological or hormonal drugs are imported from other countries.

Among the companies that lead the production of medicines in this country, Square Pharmaceutical, Incepta, Beximco, Opsonin, Renata, Healthcare, SK + F, ACI, Aristopharma, Radiant, General, ACME, Popular and Ibn Sina stand out.

Significant growth in this sector is expected in the coming years. According to experts, it will reach about 330 billion Taka from Bangladesh.




Biplob Sarker, PETS and Qualipharma EU GMP and FDA Services in Bangladesh
Biplob Sarker, CEO at PETS and QUALIPHARMA Representative in Bangladesh

Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technical Services (PETS)”, led by Biplob Sarker with the support of Ahmed Fazle Rabbi, was established in Dhaka in 2017. Although young as a company, its professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and have held important positions in renowned companies.

PETS has among its services portfolio the consultancy of project engineering, developing Master Plan, Conceptual Plant Designs, Basic and Detailed Engineering, Technology Transfer and Customized Solutions for global projects of Clean Rooms for different types laboratories, among which we can mention oncological, hormonal, biotechnological, vaccines, injectable, and other laboratories.

Ahmed Fazle Rabbi, PETS and Qualipharma EU GMP and FDA Services in Bangladesh
Ahmed Fazle Rabbi, PETS and Qualipharma Representative in Bangladesh

With the premise of performing every project under high-quality policies, they have been giving support to many of the small local companies and also to important laboratories such as Square Pharmaceuticals in Dhaka, Pabna, and Kenya (East Africa), Ibn Sina Pharmaceuticals and Essential Drugs Company, among others.


Why this alliance? Objectives and main Services to Potentiate.

For several years now, Biplob Sarker and Qualipharma have had the opportunity to collaborate on joint projects with satisfactory results. The talent, perseverance and shared vision of strengthening the pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh resulted in us beginning to study this possibility of union between the two companies.

After several months of work, we officially have a strategic alliance between Qualipharma and PETS that will allow us to be much closer to the client, expand the portfolio of services and offer to the market more global and customized solutions to all the projects in the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical sector that require compliance with EU GMP and FDA regulations.

Among the services to be potentiated at this initial stage, the following stand out:

Specialized Pharmaceutical Training Courses and Programs, covering knowledge related to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (LPG), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), Pharmaceutical Serialization, Medical devices (MD).

Audits of EU GMP and FDA Regulations Compliance for new manufacturing plants and on operation plants.

– Development of CAPA Plan and Support in its Implementation.

– Development and review of Specialized Technical Documentation.

With this direct collaboration, we provide more than 100 specialized professionals with extensive experience in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry, including senior & junior consultants, auditors, project leaders, trainers, technicians, among others.



The complementation of the know-how of both companies, the proximity to the clients, and knowledge of the current needs of this growing market, as well as a mutual interest to enhance the development of the sector make us consider this alliance as a strategic point of development for both of our companies.

QUALIPHARMA and PETS, now joined in Bangladesh, are committed to supporting every project, meeting the current requirements of the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical sector in a more global and effective way; increasing our visibility and presence, to reach a greater number of potential customers and quickly build trust and credibility, under the premise of providing high quality services.

Excellence by nature!

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