Plan de rescate - Crisis Avoidance

“Crisis Avoidance” rescue plan guarantees the compliance with GMP regulations in the manufacturing plants. It is a helpful tool to anticipate problems and manage the risks and impact of management’s decisions. Also, it establishes the basics on quality standards to be able to produce and manufacturing according to all current regulations.

Recently, deficiencies have been found by the regulatory authorities in certain number of laboratory stations. Its economics and social consequences are completely disastrous for the companies, executive and shareholders who run these manufacturing plants.

Qualipharma has developed the ¨Crisis Avoidance” rescue plan for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, to eliminate or minimize the risk of incurring in manufacturing deficiencies according to its quality systems and the GMP regulations. This plan implantation provides knowledge and confidence, and create solid basis to avoid unexpected failure or mistakes.

“Qualipharma Crisis Avoidance” rescue plan also includes comprehensive analysis of the process to ascertain in detail whether all GMP regulations have been and are fulfilling or not. After the analysis phases, an action plan is established aimed at achieving the correct operation and performance of the manufacturing plant.

  • Comprehensive support while dealing with the regulatory authorities
  • Consultants with great experience on Crisis Avoidance
  • Complete management of the action plan