Calificación de clientes - Farmacias, Mayoristas y Hospitales

Every client must be qualified in order to check and guarantee the quality of the products.

Chapter 7.2 of the GDP guidelines about outsourced activities, marks: ¨The contract giver is responsible for assessing the competence of the contract acceptor to successfully carry out the work required and for ensuring by means of the contract and through audits that the principles and guidelines of GDP are followed. An audit of the contract acceptor should be performed before commencement of, and whenever there has been a change to, the outsourced activities. The frequency of audit should be defined based on risk depending on the nature of the outsourced activities. Audits should be permitted at any time.¨ On chapter 7.3, we can find: ¨The contract acceptor should have adequate premises and equipment, procedures, knowledge and experience, and competent personnel to carry out the work ordered by the contract giver.¨ Pharmacies, wholesaler, hospitals and every client who are involved on the medical products transportation chain, medicinal product´s stock or dispatch must be verified in order to prove they are duly authorized for the activity. Also, they have the obligation to provide us with the technical, legal and administrative documentation that corresponds. This verification must be done regularly to make sure that our clients are still legally authorized.