Qualipharma is specialist on particle counter calibration.

We are accredited by Lighthouse as national entity for carrying out official particles counters calibrations in Spain and Portugal.

This instrument detects and counts physical particles and it is a critical part in the room and HVAC qualification processes, therefore its calibration becomes highly important for the companies for accomplishing GMP regulations. It is used to measure the size and particle number concentration of particles suspended in air.

In our laboratory station, we have all the conditions and resources needed to be able to calibrate particles counters in the range of 0.3 to 25 microns; using a suspension that primarily contains mono-disperse particles of a known size (standard size certified but an accredited laboratory) we can determine decipher the particle counter response (voltage) to the different certified particle sizes. Then, according to the results and the particle counter characteristics, we carry out different tests taking into account the calibration procedures and the existing regulations (ISO 21501-4 includes the size calibration, verification of size setting, counting efficiency, size resolution, false count rate, maximum particle number concentration, sampling flow rate, sampling time, response rate and calibration) performing this way qualitative and quantitative calibration of the instrument.

Qualipharma calibration procedures are completely documented (equipment´s reception and dispatch, calibrations, etc.) ensuring at all phases of the calibration process the integrity of the instruments components and the calibration results.

  • Minimum delay, only 1 week from the reception of the instruments. Possibility of reducing delays upon request
  • Data and component integrity accomplishing the procedures
  • Calibration of portable and remote-control equipment (with and without bomb)