calibracion instrumentacion qualipharma dIn Qualipharma Calibrations department, we guarantee to our customers a right planning, best professionals, thorough documentation and correct treatment of your data in order to assure the best conditions and maintenance of your instruments.

Quality assurance of your product or service means, among other factors, the correct calibration of your measuring instruments. Therefore, Qualipharma provides trained professionals with experience, which together with the best standards, guarantee the correct calibration of your instruments.

Knowing and controlling your measuring instruments current condition is imperative to guarantee its right performance.

Our department has a series of standards, each of them can be traced to either national or international standards (ENAC/ILAC) (this information can be provided to the client), with which we can calibrate measuring instruments such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure transmitters, pH-meters, scales, calliper, conductivity meter, multi-brand particle counters, etc. Our broad of services includes a prior meeting with the client, where the technical team can evaluate which instruments need to be calibrated, a commercial offer, the instrument calibration, including any necessary adjustments and the issue and transfer of the final calibration certificate to our client.

Calibrations take place at Qualipharma laboratory or can be carried out, at our client´s place. We work with web tools which allow us to input all the details of the instrument or equipment to be calibrated as well as simultaneously updating information relating to calibration. This way, our client will have a login name and password which they can use to see all the information registered by the technician throughout the calibration and the calibration results as soon as they have been finalized. Through this tool our client can manage their annual calibration plans, listing instruments by expiration date, calibration date or instrument condition among other details. Furthermore, this tool provides our client with a track of historical calibration data for every measuring instrument. In case our client requires a service, which is not included in our scope, Qualipharma can offer the service with a collaborator.

  • Qualified personnel with field experience
  • Use of standards (IRTD´s, portable thermal imaging and humidity cameras, Vaisala/Rotronic for environmental conditions...)
  • Quick service: we can carry out the calibration services required by the client within one week
  • Documentation: within one week from the finalization of work, the client will receive all the signed and revised documentation. We offer digital certificates which obviously cuts down on paper and it also helps to easily find the documentation in the future
  • Continuous improvement with training and instrument acquisition
  • The possibility to carry out most of measuring instruments validation on site (it is worth stressing that do data logger calibration by using a portable thermal imaging camera)
  • Carrying out client annual calibration plan, through calibration tools